Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Tasting Session- Wednesday 29th April


This month we’ve been whisky-ing things up in Manchester with a special series of spirit tasting sessions in the private ballroom. We’ve tried bourbon, we’ve learnt all about scotch and now it’s time to carry on your whiskey education with a Jack Daniel’s tasting night on Wednesday 29 April at 8pm.

Join us to find out what makes Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey so different to bourbon and scotch. Taste a range of different Jack Daniel’s brand expressions, with three mini-cocktails and canapés to match. Discover lots of quirky facts about the history of the drink and learn the best ways to savour it; prepare to impress your mates next time you go out for casual drinks when you’ll be able to reel off your new-found knowledge!

Tickets are £5 and limited, please email libby@blackdogballroom.co.uk to book your place.