Ataraxia Presents // Moonrise Hill Material – 13th April


For the very first time outside of France, the founders of the label will be showcasing themselves to the UK, and with the increasingly busy schedules of each one of them, you’ll want to witness this while you can.

Flying over from Lyon will be FolamourKaffe CrèmeEthyène and St Paul: presenting their love-based sounds of heavenly, heart-felt nature, the house/disco/hiphop/jazz influencers will be bringing their most soulful of sounds to Manchester this 13 | 04 | 18


We’ll be introducing each artist individually over the coming weeks with plenty of Moonrise Hill ‘Material’ to keep you dancing solo, walking with a skip, smiling at strangers and singing aloud on the tube, train, bus, car and pretty much everywhere else right the way through March.
RIGHT NOW though, there are some stupidly cheap super early bird tickets available for as little as £5.
Go and be someone that plans ahead and grab a few NOW! They won’t be around for long.

Peace to tha party people ✌


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