Supernature on Sunday with Jason Ford – 28th Jan

It’s 2018 and we’re back for some more Sunday daytime fun! Joining the Supernature DJs this month we have our very own Supernature Lover, Jason Ford.

Jason is well known for his DJing in the gay village back in the 90s at La Cage, Equinox, Danceteria, Manto’s, Paradise and Breakfast Club. He then went on to run Danceteria with Mike Allan, spreading the vibe to Wales. After returning to Manchester in 2007, Jason and Mike set up a few record shops to feed his eternal love of vinyl and his vast collection of records, covering all types of music.

Having been a regular at Supernature since we started, we’re really looking forward to having Jason. He’s promised us a super special Supernature set and to mark theĀ occasion, he’ll be handing out a free CD of his set!

As usual, bringing the Supernature party vibe we’ll have:-

BB and Richie V
James the Cat
Rob Jones


Model: Michele Walsh

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