VeXeD #002 – W. P0gman, N’m’O, Raskol, BadJah b2b Epithet 4th August

We return with our 2nd installment and we aim to top the last and who better to achieve this than the absolute legend that is P0gman on a 90 minute set! If you’re a fan of Dubstep & Riddim then this is a night you do NOT want to miss out on, trusssst 😉

☠ P0GMAN – (90 min set).


Over the years Pøgmans sound has become recognisable yet uniquely different from record to record and is synonymous with a hard yet wonky sound. With a back catalogue of records waiting in the wings Pøgman is one to watch out for in the next 12 months.

With two tours in Canada, two tours in Australia & constantly travelling Europe for the past three years, Pøgman is undoubtedly cementing his place in dubstep and rightfully so.

Listening to Pøgman live compared to the safety of your own bedroom are two completely different things. With his natural ability to tailor a set to a crowd off the cuff and his unparalleled energy Pøgman is soon to become your favourite.

Championed by formidable record labels; Smog Records, Disciple Recordings, Never Say Die, Uplink Audio & Self-founded I AM Audio.



Nightmare DJ has been in the underground music scene for over a decade now. His love for underground music began with the late era of UK Garage, He ventured into Mc’ing for a while which lead him to a love of Grime.

Drum & Bass was a big part his life and took over most of his Friday & Saturday nights where he could be found brocking out in the middle of a dingy club! Through the love of this fast tempo he even dabbled in Happy Hardcore & Gabba! But it was inevitable, he found Dubstep and with it a passion for the sound!

Oni has been an underground DJ for 13 years his journey began with a love for Hip-Hop and Synthesised video game music,
from the age of 14 he got his first set of ‘Belt Drive’ turntables and not long after was djing wherever he could. Production soon followed using an original playstation and ‘Music,’ Game. He then began working closely with Nightmare and soon they were experimenting with bass, beats and bpm to create their own music.



Raskol is an absolute madman in the production game and we’re excited to see his mixing style tear The Underdog apart. With a recent release on Pandabeat Records and a constant flow of new & insane tunes we know this is one artist that is going to go very far!


BadJah b2b Epithet:-

2 of the best and most loved local artists we knew we had to invite them both in and we thought that the best way to achieve the most out of this was to throw them on a b2b set – rest assured there will be an amazing selection of tunes that will definitely get the crowd going!




That’s just us, if you know you know 😉

Ticket prices:-

Super Earlybird – £7
Earlybird – £8
General Admission – £9
OTD – £10—W-P0gman-N039m039O-Raskol-BadJah-b2b-Epithet/12981609/

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