Whether you’re planning a hen-do, a birthday night out or just fancy learning a few tricks of the trade, we have something for you! Our award-winning mixologist Massimo Zitti has designed a series of themed cocktail masterclasses for groups to choose from.

Studio 54 is the embodiment of its namesake club in cocktail masterclass form. If the New York disco scene is your thing, this is the masterclass for you. Cocktails are focused around popular drinks of the era, such as the Manhattan, New York Sour or Long Island Ice Tea.

The Boardwalk reflects the secret ballroom concept within our venues, which is inspired by the prohibition era. Learn about the origins of drinks such as the Sazerac, Mary Pickford, Bellini and Bloody Mary whilst sipping on some of your own creations and hiding from the authorities…

Poco Loco takes inspiration from the passion and energy of Mexican bartending. This fun filled masterclass will give you a taste of the sun, as well as a feel of it… expect fire! With cocktails such as the Hurricane, Frozen Margarita and Tequila Sunrise, this masterclass will bring the summer to you whatever the weather.

Groups can book these masterclasses for £25pp by contacting or calling 0161 233 4031


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